vulcan interior

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Mvc-008frc.jpg (100501 bytes)     Mvc-009frc.jpg (102161 bytes)  View of the Radar Crates under the Radar/ Navigation/ AEO station.


Aft looking Radar scope, AEO panel. mvc-011frs.jpg (94941 bytes)     Mvc-012iff.jpg (72625 bytes) IFF Control Unit. Identify Friendly or Foe

Mvc-013fp.jpg (94044 bytes) Flare Pistol, above AEO Station.  Mvc-014icu.jpg (70128 bytes) Indicator Control Unit, NAV's Panel.

Pluse Altimeter, RAD's Panel  Mvc-017f.jpg (88965 bytes)   Mvc-018rs.jpg (46864 bytes) Some advice on this one would be cool, I have unclear info!

Mvc-019rs.jpg (38134 bytes)  Radar Scope, RAD's panel    Mvc-020wa.jpg (64841 bytes) I believe, weapons arming control unit.

Mvc-001sp.jpg (38176 bytes) Sextant port. Mvc-002fh.jpg (70276 bytes) Rations warmer. Mvc-003sb.jpg (51768 bytes) Seat back. Ever set here 

How about this side, even flown in this seat Mvc-004sb.jpg (62262 bytes)  Mvc-007ch.jpg (44093 bytes) Entry door "close", handle

Mvc-008bt.jpg (31430 bytes) Your input more than welcome here  Mvc-009rc.jpg (75177 bytes) Intercom Control Unit  

Mvc-010tc.jpg (72542 bytes)  I'm not sure?       The RAT release handle.

Mvc-007s.jpg (52714 bytes)  Looking at the NAV and AEO stations    Mvc-009rax.jpg (42021 bytes) Display, with the rescue ax!

Mvc-008aa.jpg (28193 bytes) Picture speaks for itself. Located between the RAD and NAV stations.

Please, email me and correct me with the proper nomenclature! 



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