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   Mvc-024s.jpg (27931 bytes)Welcome to the official website of Vulcan XM605. XM605 was built in 1963, and was delivered to the Royal Air Force 9th Squadron on 30, December 1963. According to records it was the 9th Squadron's until early 1968. On 16th February 1968, XM605 was assigned to the RAF's 44th Squadron at Waddington, Lincolnshire, England. This would be her home for the next  14 years! 

                                                        If you look at the bottom side of her entry way door you will see the 44th Squadron's insignia. The 44th Squadron was one of the first Squadron's to convert to low-level bombing duties, this was after the responsibility for Britain's nuclear deterrent was passed over to the Royal Navy. This was in 1964. So the assumption is that XM605 has quite a few flight hours of low level flight under her belt, which is usually at a height of about 250 feet. XM605 flew its last sortie on Thursday, 20th of August 1981. She landed at 1700 hours G.M.T.. In  1981, XM605 was flown to Caste Air Force Base,  California, USA. After landing at Castle her aircraft Commander was rumored to have said, "we took her to low level, we took her to high level and I don't know why we are giving her away." Now resting since 1981 at Castle Air Museum, she serves as a silent reminder of the great contribution the British people have made to military aviation history, and aviation history in general. The Vulcan is a beautiful aircraft, with its large delta wing which have four mighty Olympus engines imbedded within them. It much more resembles a large fighter rather than a bomber.

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      My name is Thom Barner, I am honored with having had the task of keeping the Vulcan looking in the best shape possible for about 18 years, which was hard at times with the aircraft stored out side for over 25 years. I also have had the duties as Flight Line Chief at Castle Air Museum. XM605 has served at Castle Air Museum longer that her time spent serving the RAF.  She still looks good though, inside and out! If you come for a Visit from the UK , and you know what date you might be visiting the Vulcan, give the museum a call, and they may be able to arrange for you to take a peek inside XM605. They love to show her off, she is beautiful inside, and looks the same as the day she landed here some 25 years ago.      

Mvc-017s.jpg (24496 bytes)Here in this site I want to provide you a look at XM605, inside and out, as well as some of the other aircraft I get to play and work in. Click all the buttons and links so you don't miss a thing. Enjoy your visit, and come back soon. Sadly I am no longer with Castle Air Museum as I had the opportunity to move to Washington state and work for the Boeing company in the Flight Test Operation division, where I work with the first 787 Dreamliner... I intend to add and change to this site as I can, so as to keep it interesting, 

Thanks, Thom....  


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