Here are some good views of the AAPP. Its location is just aft of the right main gear. The AAPP is all there and probably quite capable of running and producing aircraft, air and power. There would be many safety concerns to overcome, actually some that just are not worth risking when you have one of only several examples of this wonderful old airplane called the Vulcan as a display.

The AAPP  drives a 40 kVA alternator. It produces 200v 400Hz, 3-phase AC supply. The AAPP may be connected to any individual bus bar via the synchronizing bus bar. The AAPP may not be used above 30,000 feet, above 30,000 feet the RAT, or Ram Air Turbine is used in an emergency. On the ground the AAPP supplies aircraft power when ground power is not available. Also, it supplies air for engine starts, cabin air conditioning systems and air ventilated suits.

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